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Document Process Challenges & Barriers

Group of lawyers discussing on a lawsuit

Some common document process challenges
and barriers that impact business.

Some Challenges

Still too much paper


Slow manual processes


Difficult to find information


Inconsistent retention


Inconsistent regulation compliance documentation


Can't find documents quickly


Hand keying scanned 

documents is getting expensive


Blind spots in collaboration

Need to automate aging out business records


Recovering accidentally deleted documents is difficult

Poor visibility and control


Training records unorganized


Too many different systems


Better backups needed


A business continuity strategy needed for valuable documents


Workflows sometimes stall


Misfiled documents


Difficult to track artistic or intellectual property content


Store documents offsite or  onsite?

Some Barriers

Resistance to change (Inertia)
Perceived System costs
Senior management buy-in
End user process engagement

Process documentation

Compliance Regulations


Processes frozen to change
No process improvement
Staff turnover

Training needs
Preference to read on paper
Company culture

These are some of the document process challenges and barriers that we hear about or have dealt with. What we would really like to do is to hear your story! Let's talk!

Or, call, email or book a consultation today!

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