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Document Process Consultation
The tools needed by business or government leaders to build efficient and secure document management systems and processes. The tools needed for battle against document chaos.
The Document Chaos Battle
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  • Win the battle against document chaos

  • Automate business processes

  • ​Turn cost centers into profit centers

  • Eliminate business friction

  • Adapt to increasing business volume

  • Build a better business life

DA BARNES GROUP Founders & Partners
Angela & Douglas Barnes
Your ally in building a better business life every day.
DA BARNES GROUP - Serving businesses like yours since 2012
Business • Government • Legal • Non Profit
If you are facing document or business process challenges,
enlist us to serve as an ally or wingman in your quest to
Vanquish Chaos!
Our Process:
1 - EXPLORE. Start with a conversation
     Book an introductory consultation. We
     listen, get to know your challenges and,
     if we are a good fit, you will already
     know your wingman.
5 - REVIEW. Confirm objectives & verify that
     needed mission assets (products and
     sevicess) are available for deployment.
2 - ANALYZE. Identify the high value issues
     worth targeting for solution. Identify
     business or document processes that are
     impeding production, increasing costs or
     increasing frustrations.
6 - BLASTOFF. Implement the project plan
     to make your system or process design
     a reality.
3 - REFINE. Set goals and develop a process
     strategy or even a complete system design
     with business process efficiency and
     security baked in.
7 - ASSESSS. At project completion,
     review your Key Performance
     Indicators (don't forget smiles).
4 - PLAN. Schedule a consultation to develop
     an in depth project plan that includes
     implementation, testing and training.
Business Team_edited.jpg
8 - REPEAT. As your business grows, continue to
     assess risks and threats, review processes and
     repeat this process for continuous improvement.
Take the first step here!
There is no cost for your initial consultation!


What People Are Saying

Business Conference

James A. McDevitt 

Supervisor, Frenchtown Charter Township

“We truly value the professional and personal relationship that has formed over the years and absolutely plan to include you (Douglas Barnes) in the bidding of any future projects.”

Denise Cornelius
Executive Director
Housing Services Mid Michigan

"I like being able to search on grant/sub-grant and easily upload to our Grant Portal. The Safe system has really cut down on the work at the back end. I am also very happy with the management insights now available with always current information provided by our Safe (PSIGEN PSIsafe) system."​

Dragan Popovic

Trisura Group Ltd.

“With PSIGEN PSIsafe, all of our information, enterprise-wide, is
secure and easily accessible, all in one place... No matter what we need, information is at our fingertips — and users are very happy.”

What People Are Saying
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