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Douglas Barnes

Founder & President

CDIA & Chief Consultant

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Angela Barnes

Co-Founder, CFO & CHO

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DA BARNES GROUP, the document process professionals.

DA BARNES GROUP provides business and government leaders with the resources needed to build efficient document management systems and efficient document processes.

Efficient document processes vanquish document chaos.


Document chaos leads to rack and ruin while vanquishing document chaos allows you to excel. That is why we serve ardently as an ally and advisor for our customers, the real heroes in the battle against document chaos.

Our key to success lies within our ability and dedication to accomplish one thing. That is:

Help you to succeed!

Our Mission

Our Mission
To make business life frictionless and enjoyable by helping business and government leaders to develop
efficient document management and efficient document processes.

Our mission is Our Passion!

Our Vision

Our Vision

Becoming the “top of mind go to” resource

to the real heroes that are building the great

document processes of the future, today.

Our Mantra

Our Internal Mantra 

Efficient processes vanquish document chaos dragons!

Our Tagline

Our Tagline

Resources for Business Process Efficiency

Primary Industries

Our Primary Industries


Business • Government • Legal • Non Profits

Our "Why?"

Our "Why?"


When we see a business develop efficient document processes that minimize friction, we see life becoming a little closer to what it should be. It's a worthwhile work.

Your "Why?"

Your "Why?" Why do business with us?


When your goal is to win the battle against document chaos, to see the fruits of document process efficiency, to see life become a little closer to what it should be, your goal is our goal.


We stand at your side as your ally to achieve your goals.

We serve as your wingman in the dogfight against document chaos.


Why Choose Us?

  • 50+ years of combined experience

  • We are obsessed with document centric processes 

  • Carefully chosen and vetted quality product vendors

  • High-value products available for mission assets

  • Current with technological advances

  • Prompt support

  • Personal attention

  • Financing available 

We are here to serve as your wingman
in your document chaos dogfights!

Great things begin with a conversation and you might even gain something you can use today!