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Douglas is...

  • Your Chief Business Document Process 

Consultant and Mission Specialist.


  • Your experienced guide in the document chaos

battle, helping you to discover the services and

training, the strategic software and the tactical

hardware that is needed to build efficient

document centric business processes as well as

improving existing ones.

  • Your loyal wingman and ardent ally in document chaos dogfights.


  • Like a roll bar in a sportscar, Douglas is 90% more effective than aspirin for the prevention and treatment of document process headaches!


  • Founder of DA BARNES GROUP, LLC and President since 2012.

Douglas is a Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA) with 30 years document management and IT industry experience. He helps leaders in local government, small and medium business, law firms, and nonprofit organizations to analyze bottlenecks and discover how they can automate their costly processes and move them from cost centers to profit centers. He helps them to reach their document process goals so that, instead of their department or even the entire business becoming endangered, it flourishes.

Besides improving existing processes, Douglas is available to help you build and implement new ones with the efficiency you need baked right in. The kind of efficiency that is designed to cut expenses, reduce frustrations (for both you, your staff, and your customers), increase revenue and to enhance your personal and business reputation, and, well... to make life a little more like it should be.

Douglas is ready to be at your service!

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