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Why are efficient document 
and business processes so important?

  • Efficient business processes are at the core of every successful business and are crucial regardless of business type.
  • Business processes tend to be document-centric. They either originate with or are centered on the information in documents. These business processes depend on efficient document workflows.
Some document examples that start or are central to business processes are sales orders, invoices, service contracts, legal case matter, employment records, engineering drawings, and board minutes.
Some process examples are customer onboarding, accounts payable, accounts receivable and records management.
     Business processes tend to be document-centric.
Many if not most businesses are now digitizing their paper documents. That is an important first step to get the most value from documents. Digitizing documents has introduced considerable flexibility that is essential in modern business.
While flexibility is needed and welcomed, it also brings with it a need to carefully orchestrate and tune processes and document workflows. If they aren't, friction develops, frustrations increase, and processes slow down or even stall. Friction and frustrations spill over from staff to customers and there you have the beginning of document chaos. 
There are different varieties of document chaos. There may be deep rooted systemic document chaos that requires serious attention. Or, there may be a broken document process that is localized but may grow to a bigger challenge if left unattended. Or, everything might actually be working quite well until business begins to increase causing document volumes to increase and, before you know it, document chaos may begin to develop.
Document chaos ranks high on the list of threats to a business!
Young Woman With A Document Process Bottleneck
 However document chaos begins, it can quickly develop into a cost center that drains efficiency, energy and profits. Document chaos ranks high in the list of causes of friction for both customers and employees. Document chaos also ranks high on the list of threats to a business.

Efficient document workflows and business processes do the opposite. They reduce  customer friction, improve profits, mine document data, enhance employee morale,

enhance the reputation of the business or department and serve as an on ramp to 

digital transformation (to become even more efficient). The difference is easy to see!

Business Woman
DA BARNES GROUP provides the resources that make document workflow and business process improvement achievable.

We serve as your ally or wingman in this battle against document chaos. We help you prepare for the challenges you are going up against with consulting, training, planning, software and hardware. We help you to keep tracking your goal and stay on target. That is what we do.
Serving as your ally in the battle against document chaos. 

Whether you are ready for action against document chaos or you are ready for the next step in business process improvement, click on the "Let's Talk!" button below for a no cost introductory consultation. Find out how we can serve as your wingman.

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