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The Case for Improvement

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Is there really room for document process improvement?
  • Business document challenges account for 21.3% productivity loss. (IDC)

  • 92% of Knowledge Workers collaborate over documents using Email. (Harris Interactive)

  • 83% of Knowledge Workers lose time to versioning issues, every day. (Harris Interactive)

  • Conventional signatures cost approximately $20.00 a signed document.

  • Business people need to access documents remotely but securely.

  • Business owners want their people to be able to collaborate in real time from anywhere.

  • Documents get misfiled resulting in time consuming searches.

  • Business is improving, document volume is increasing and the document scanners are doing great. There is just one problem. Now, indexing and distribution is falling way behind!

We have worked with businesses at various stages to address concerns like these and have helped them to achieve significant results.

If any of these are concerns of yours, you may wonder: 


"What can I do? Where do I begin? Is it affordable? Is it a good value? Will my stress level go down?" If so, let's talk!

Or just call or email !

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