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Founded in 1999, and with offices in the US and UK, NetDocuments is the leader in cloud-based document and email management. With hundreds of thousands of users across 140 countries, organizations enjoy the power and simplicity of built-in disaster recovery, matter centricity, enterprise search, mobility, records management, collaboration, and compliance for documents and email.

NetDocuments Document Management Guide:

13 Reasons Legal Teams Love Us and I.T. Teams Rely on Us

netdocuments ndMail

Email Overload Solved! With one-click email management, you will save time and boost productivity with every email you send and receive.


netdocuments ndThread

Organize topical conversations and document collaboration into a single, secure repository for your team to easily access and stay up-to-date on project status.


netdocuments Governance

Simplify compliance to avoid costly fines.

Control and monitor end-user activity.

Verify digital file authenticity. 


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