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Founded in 1999, and with offices in the US and UK, NetDocuments is the leader in cloud-based document and email management. With hundreds of thousands of users across 140 countries, organizations enjoy the power and simplicity of built-in disaster recovery, matter centricity, enterprise search, mobility, records management, collaboration, and compliance for documents and email.

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13 Reasons Legal Teams Love Us and I.T. Teams Rely on Us

Below is a brief sampling of the complimentary components surrounding the NetDocuments core technology 

NetDocuments ndMail


Email Overload Solved! With one-click email management, you will save time and boost productivity with every email you send and receive.

Included in the 

ORGANIZE solution.


NetDocuments ndThread

Gain the advantages of a chat messaging tool that’s designed to meet the unique requirements of legal organizations.

Included in the PLAN solution


NetDocuments PROTECT

When security is more than wishful thinking.

That's Work Inspired


Work Inspired" Message Drives Success and New Solutions at NetDocuments

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"Work Inspired" Message Drives Success and New Solutions at NetDocuments

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