Advanced Capture & Document Management Tools

The KOFAX Product Lineup

PSIGEN PSIsafe is now KOFAX PSIsafe

PSIGEN PSIsafe is now KOFAX PSIsafe

Improving document management processes for over two decades.

What They Do

Company Overview



Document Management Software


Streamline operations, increase security, improve compliance, use physical space more efficiently and save. 


PSIsafe advanced document management software makes it all possible.



KOFAX PSIcapture

Advanced document capture and data extraction


A platform that integrates with any scanning device and more than 60 ECM systems.


KOFAX PSIcapture

KOFAX PSIcapture Fusion

Web based distributed indexing and quality assurance.


Software that offers a secure way to process documents from anywhere at any time.

KOFAX PSIcapture Fusion


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