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Improving Document Process Efficiency • Enabling Business Collaboration • Safeguarding Business Viability
DA Barnes Group delivers software, software consulting services and professional services to Business, Education and Government.  The principals at DA Barnes Group have been delivering business services and solutions for over 20 years.  We perceived a growing need in the Small and Medium Business market for some of the same technologies that were previously only affordable to enterprise class business. DA Barnes Group was formed to better meet that need. We identify enterprise class technologies that have become affordable to Small and  Medium Business and bring those technologies to the SMB market. 
Technologies that can be used to manage unstructured data are prime examples of what has become accessible today! Why is this an important example?  Left unmanaged, unstructured data can overwhelm a business in costs, space, and liabilities. Managing it makes it accessible, useful, and valuable.  
Just what is unstructured data?  This can be invoices, receipts, purchase orders, meeting agendas, Word documents, PDF documents, email, web pages, music, videos, etc. Basically, any data this is not in a traditional row/column database table. Sometimes unstructured data is referred to as digital assets, especially in the context of content creation.

Relevant?  A Google search on unstructured data reveals industry reports indicating compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for unstructured data to be in the neighborhood of 3 times the already high rate of transaction data growth.  Terms like "runaway growth" are not uncommon when unstructured data is spoken of. 

Typically, unstructured data comes in the form of  documents.  A great majority of valuable business information is tied up in these documents.  They need to be managed and the most challenging to manage are paper documents.  Technologies used for taming unstructured data are also the on ramp part of today's "Digital Transformation".  These technologies include Document Capture (digitizing paper documents), Document Data Capture (extracting valuable business information for automatic use in document indexing, for uploading to traditional databases or for "data mining"), Document Management, Document Archiving and Rapid Document Retrieval and Workflow. Typical use cases are invoice processing, customer service, customer relationship management, records management, regulation compliance, legal discovery, claims processing, employee records, archiving  and many others. Taming unstructured data protects you from drowning in paperwork and it vastly improves document process efficiency.  The end result is  this:  You become more competitive regarding both your employees and your  customers, you reclaim some space and, more importantly, you reclaim some of your time allowing you to focus on your core business.
 Improving Document Process Efficiency - Our Primary Mission

Business moves fast. Decisions need to be made fast too. Another key component of business efficiency is collaboration.  In order for your business to be both efficient and creative, members of your team, your customers, your suppliers, your advisers... your entire business, need to be able to share information quickly and easily and from anywhere. 
 Enabling Business Collaboration - A key component

Operational efficiency and a competitive edge is all for naught, though, if one day you wake up and your server is gone, your office or your entire city is flooded, or your town is evacuated or a ransom-ware virus has struck! You have invested a lot to build a quality business and both your customers and your suppliers depend on you.
Hybrid Backup and Disaster Recovery is another area that has become affordable to small and medium business. "Business Continuity" is no longer the sole luxury of the enterprise class business. We ask some important questions like, "What is the value of your business?"  and "How many days (or hours) can you afford to be out of operation?" What will each hour down cost you?  If you need help with the answers, We help you get them.  Then develop a custom and affordable Business Continuity Plan to keep things humming.
 Safeguarding Business Viability - Our Mission Shield

That is what we do.

And this is why we do it.
Nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers improve their document process efficiency, reclaim some time, reclaim some space, become more competitive and begin the next digital transformation!

Founders & Principal Members of DA Barnes Group, LLC
Angela & Douglas Barnes
Founders and Principal Members at DA Barnes Group, LLC

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Our Mission is to help businesses improve document process efficiency.

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Our Vision is Lives Simplified!
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