DA Barnes Group is a business that specializes in one thing...
Our future depends on what we do today!

Our Mission
To Serve In The Battle Against Document Chaos

Our Mission is Our Business! Our Mission is Our Passion!

Our Vision

Business Life Simplified

"Vision without action is a daydream;
Action without vision is a nightmare,"
- Ancient Japanese Proverb

Our Tagline

“Making Document Processes Work for You”

Our Value Proposition
Professional Work
Competitive Pricing
Personal Attention
Responsive Support
Fewer Headaches

Our Internal Mantra
Efficient Document Processes Will Vanquish Chaos Dragon!

Our Primary Industries
BusinessGovernment • Legal Non Profits

Our Why
When document technologies are focused, when business processes are efficient,  we observe the life of our customer becoming a little closer to what it should be.

Your Why
Why do business with us? 
When your goal is to win the battle against document chaos, to see the fruits of  document process efficiency, to see life become a little closer to what it should be,  your goal is our goal. We serve as your guide and your support system to  achieve that goal. We become your wingman in the dogfight against document  chaos.


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Douglas Barnes, DA Barnes Group, LLC


A Document Process Consultant

Your Guide in the document chaos battle, helping you to develop a strategic plan, discover strategic software, tactical hardware and services that are most effective. Douglas is your wingman in the document chaos dogfight.

• Like a roll bar in a sportscar, Douglas is 90% more effective than aspirin for document process headache prevention! 

Founder and President of DA BARNES GROUP, LLC. Douglas and Angela founded and organized DA BARNES GROUP to deliver the expertise, the services and the tools needed for a successful document chaos mission. Since founding the business in 2012, we have focused more and more on providing what is needed for that mission. We are your document chaos mission specialist.


A CDIA With 30 years industry experience, Douglas helps businesses, law firms, local governments and various agencies to analyze bottlenecks and discover how costly processes like document capture and indexing can be automated, moving them from a cost center to your profit center. We improve document processes to prevent your department or even your business from augering in and changing it instead to a thriving condition.

Discover ways to effectively manage your client contracts and records, manage payables for discounts, speed up your customer acquisition, reduce your expenses, reduce frustrations (for both you, your staff, and your customers), increase your revenue, enhance your personal and business reputation, and... make life a little more like it should be. Ahhh..

The Rest of The Story (coming soon)

Angela Barnes, DA Barnes Group, LLC


A BOOKEEPING and OPERATIONS PROFESSIONAL. She is the secret sauce that keeps our operations humming!

• Angela brings her strong experience with accounting, information technology, the services industry and customer support to our operations in order to insure that your onboarding and ongoing experience with us is pleasant and that you are armed with everything you need to wage the war against document chaos.
• As your customer support advocate, Angela makes sure that you can focus on your own business and not on ours.
Angela is Co-FounderCFO & CHO (Chief Financial Officer & Chief Happiness Officer) at DA BARNES GROUP, LLC

The Rest of The Story (coming soon) 

Angela has a sophisticated artistic flair and two daughters that take after her!

Founders & Principal Members of DA Barnes Group, LLC
Angela & Douglas Barnes
Founders and Principal Members at

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DA BARNES GROUP Servicing Area
Mid Michigan and The Great Lakes Region

541512, 541519, 611420

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Founded by Douglas A. Barnes and Angela L. Barnes in 2012, DA Barnes Group is organized and registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Michigan (CID 801661229), U.S.A.

DA Barnes Group, LLC is currently managed by two members, Douglas A. Barnes, President and Angela L. Barnes, CFO. 

DA Barnes Group is a responsive & experienced business that specializes in one thing: Improving Document Process Efficiency.

822 W Main Street
Grand Ledge, MI 48837, USA

State of Michigan Sales Tax ID: D 46-0940250
A signed IRS form W-9 is available upon request.
Tel: +1-517-622-0613
Fax: +1-517-412-2842
Web: www.dabarnesgroup.com
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