Document Management

Records & Document Management

Record & Document Capture including Data Capture

The DA Barnes Group Record & Document Content Management practice is focused on business solutions with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our methodology ensures that we understand functional and technical requirements. Once those requirements are understood, we put our design and implementation experience to work in the project that produces your successful solution, a solution that meets or exceeds requirements. Although in "cloud" solutions proved the most flexible access, whether your solution is on-premise or in the “cloud”, our end goal is improving your business.

Our solutions include all of the important elements of document management ranging from document capture, classification, data capture, indexing, indexing automation, and workflow. These components work together to support rapid document accessand easy document or record life-cycle management. You may want to start capturing documents the day your system is installed or wish to have a backfile conversion performed first.  Either way, we will help you get your document management solution started.

Go from being labor intensive, error prone and costly to becoming highly
efficient, automated and secure!

Document Workflow & Business Process Re-engineering

Since the scope of our Document and Content Management solutions include every aspect of unstructured content, these solutions can be leveraged to improve business processes in ways not possible before. It makes "Business Process Re-engineering" easier and it improves your process efficiency, customer experience, competitive edge, and workplace satisfaction along the way.

Improve your document workflow!