Document/Content Management 

The DA Barnes Group Document/Content Management practice is focused on small and medium business solutions with a commitment to customer satisfaction.  We make sure that we understand functional and technical requirements.  We then combine requirements with our experience to ensure a successful project.  Whether the solution is on-premise or in the “cloud”, our end goal is improving your bottom line.

Document Capture & Data Capture

Our solutions include all of the important elements of document management ranging from document capture, classification, data extraction, indexing, indexing automation, and workflow. These components work together to support rapid document access and easy document or record life-cycle management. Either off-site or on-premise backfile conversions are also available in order to help you get your document management solution started.

Business Process Re-engineering

Since the scope of our Document and Content Management solutions include every aspect of unstructured content, these solutions can be leveraged to improve business processes in ways not possible before implementing one of them. Because of this, Business Process Re-engineering is yet another available component in realizing not only an improved bottom line but a substantial competitive edge as well.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

Today, disasters, natural as well as man-made, seem to be front and center in our collective consciousness. Most of us recognize that there is a need for some level of preparation. This is ever more so for the business owner! Even so, disaster preparedness is often perceived as a high budget item that anticipates an event that one hopes never happens.

What are your “Recovery Time Objectives”?  Your “Recovery Point Objectives”?  DA Barnes Group will help you assess the value of your data, the downtime that can be tolerated, and the risks involved in order to help you move beyond simple backups to a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution.

Solutions that we provide include offsite backups, data security measures and means for rapid recovery without a lot of effort to administer.   How long can your business be down before you are out of business?  Don't just protect your data, protect your business!

Team Collaboration

Do you need a fresh approach to help your team work together more effectively to achieve your business goals?  Collaboration solutions enhance your ability to stay on target, stay connected and make the sale. You will be on the “same page” both with your team and your customers.

Our collaboration solutions are component based and scalable. This means that you can get started using only a few features and after you get the sense of the power of collaboration, you can scale up to a full, feature-rich solution.  It just may take the power of a full collaboration environment to give your business the agility it needs to keep competitive in today’s markets. You will be glad your system can scale up!


Document/Content Management,  Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, and Team Collaboration solutions address some of the most pressing business problems today.  However, we understand that small businesses, government agencies, and education systems sometimes have even more basic problems waiting for a solution.

MicroSoft 365, Apache OpenOffice, G Suite and Libre Office product logosGeneral Office Productivity
We offer Office Productivity solutions in most every variety such as mainline integrated productivity solutions, open source productivity applications & suites, office productivity solutions in the cloud, virtual desktops and various “mash-ups”.  Let us help you sort out what is best for your organization.

IT Infrastructure

Our primary focus is on Document/Content Management.  Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery, and Team Collaboration solutions are what it takes to support them.  However, If your organization does not yet have an IT Infrastructure in place, DA Barnes Group can assist you in doing just that.  We develop infrastructure project plans that fit your needs and fit your budget.

If you already have an IT systems infrastructure in place, keeping up with the advances in technology can be a real challenge.  DA Barnes Group can assist you with a baseline assessment, ongoing assessments, and recommendations for adjustments or upgrades as needed.  Give us a call so we can help.